Job offers

Instead of Studying with old teachers,

Would you test goclands experience lifestyle?

to learn entrepreneruship, and bring your skills in a collaborative business, international atmosphere

Recherche stagiaire/Looking for intern:

-for commercial prospection (marketting offers for Goclands Hostels, Goc Sales, Goc Mobility,

(call, meeting…)
-for digital communication
-for connected devices tests
Night, bike & facilities  can be discussed,

Woofing for week or month:

-Bricolage, jardinnage/DIY,Gardenning

-Repas, ménage / Cooking, cleaning


-Web site, digital marketting, community management

Profile:Responsible, clean, open minded, social & adventurous, biker, english

Un avant goût de Goclands:

et d’Aix en Provence: